name Peter Bhong
birthdate July 19, 1978
residence Brooklyn, NY
occupation American History Teacher (HS)
a brief history

Peter is the only son of first generation Chinese and Korean Immigrants Li and Hyun-Soon Bhong. Born and raised in New York City, he grew up with what some might consider stereotypical pressures of the culture though he never found much reason to complain. His Father was a hard working convenience store owner and his Mother was a housewife, both of whom expected their son to make the most of his American opportunities. The expectations resulted in an exceedingly high GPA and an abundance of extra curriculars. NHS, Varsity Tennis, Mock-UN and so on and so forth. He was on the fast track to Ivy League pre-med.

Just before Peter's senior year of High School, his Father was shot and killed in a robbery gone bad. Any ambition and focus he had toward becoming a doctor suddenly disappeared amidst the grief. Peter nearly flunked out of his final semester of school and then deferred his enrollment to Stanford, taking over his Father's store for two years and looking after his Mother.

His Mother recovered from the loss more quickly than Peter, dragging him out and encouraging him to live his life the way his Father would've wanted him to. He tried to join the Army but was rejected due to a heart murmur. Eventually he started taking night courses at the City College and soon transferred to New York University. He studied the things that interested him with less pressure on a career path, finding himself comfortably fitting in to secondary education.

At 25 Peter struggled to find a solid job teaching history and instead worked as a substitute teacher throughout the city, as well as part-time ESL at the American Language and Communication Center (ALCC) in Manhattan. Language wasn't his favorite subject but Peter always had a knack for it, and if being raised in a tri-lingual household was the gift that would pay his bills for a while, so be it.

In 2008 Peter was hired at James Madison High School in Brooklyn to teach American and AP American History. He then met his future (ex) wife Jane at a bar (red flag) they only dated for six months before getting engaged (red flag) and his Mother did not like her (red flag). Blinded by love and the relief of a tenure track job, Peter jumped head first into his relationship. They were married for two years before the relationship began to visibly unravel: she didn't want children, she wanted space, why did he always have to know where she was and where she was going? Peter was pretty good at turning a blind eye, but when his good friend confessed he'd spotted Jane having a romantic dinner with a 'mystery man' in Astoria... there was no room to pretend. The confrontation came too late, and she had her speech about growing apart ready to go. The "D" word rolled off her tongue far too easily.

Never one who was great at handling change, Peter worked out an arrangement with the administration that allowed him to take a year long leave to teach English in China. The catch? He agreed to create a curriculum and teach Chinese at James Madison for a minimum of 2 years. But hey, at the time? He would've agreed to a lot worse just to get off of the same continent as Jane.

Now that Peter is back from his year long reprieve, he's doing a swell job of going about things as if his marriage had never happened. He smiles, nods, or shrugs casually at any knowing questions about how he is and occasionally lies about going on dates to deter concern. He deleted his facebook to remove any risk of seeing Jane's photos and hasn't seen her in person since his return to the country. Eventually his luck will run out... and when it does? It'll be a rude awakening for Captain Friend Zone.

full name: peter li bhong
nicknames: pete, petey, bhong, captain friend zone, mr. b
birthdate: july 19, 1978
age: thirty six
birthplace: brooklyn, new york
current residence: 1 bedroom apartment
occupation: high school history / chinese teacher
vehicle: 2010 toyota prius.
pets: none (ex wife took the cat in the divorce)

marital status: divorced
sexuality: heterosexual
parents: li bhong (deceased) & hyun-soon bhong
siblings: n/a (cousin gavin was like a brother)
children: none
extended: min ellis (aunt), gavin ellis (cousin, deceased) deidra ellis (cousin gavin's wife), aida howard (deidra's sister)

quick facts
is half chinese on his Father's side, half korean... on his Mother's side and is fluent in both languages (though his Korean needs work, or so his Mother says).

was a member of... the phi gamma delta (fiji) fraternity in college. his brothers were the ones who coined the catchy nickname "captain friend zone" after a string of unfortunate misunderstandings with girls who just wanted to be friends.

is surprisingly good at... the piano, tennis, billiards and hip-hop trivia.

is surprisingly bad at... math, card games and balance.

played by: john cho
contact: bhong
aim: n/a
writing: 3rd person, aim, threads & customs, adult scenes or ftb