NAME: Katherine Marie Revere
NICKNAMES: Kat, Katie, Kate, Kat-Fight, Kiki
AGE: 36
DATE OF BIRTH: 8/8/1977


OCCUPATION: High School Chemistry Teacher
PARENTS: John Cox, Pierra Revere

QUIRKS: licking her lips, twirling her hair, tapping her foot. dog-earring pages, organizing clothes and make-up by color, movies and books in alphabetical order, obsessively ironing
LIKES: the chemistry of cooking (food), massages, secrets, gossip, fashion, beauty salons and spas, smooth skin, reality television, science, teaching, inspirational quotes, reading, an occasional joint, vodka tonics (with lime), gangsta rap, vivaldi, classic disney movies, crime shows, sex
DISLIKES: dirty fingernails, chocolate, underaged drinking, bad parents, laziness, cruelty, bad cell service, texting in class (unless it's her), excessive cursing, wrinkled clothing


3rd person storybook, love random scenes/spam, adult scenes ok
CONTACT: dropbox
Katherine Revere was born in Chicago, IL to single Mom Pierra Revere in 1977. Pierra was the owner of a beauty salon on the south side, but struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Despite several trips to rehab, she succumbed to liver failure within the first decade of Kat’s life. Katherine’s grandparents became her legal guardians and moved her to their home in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite such a tragic loss, she experienced a relatively normal upbringing.

Kat was a late bloomer. 'String-Bean' Kat Revere lacked the coordination for sports due to her lanky limbs and didn't develop breasts until well into her Senior year of High School. She spent most of her adolescence with braces, salvation army clothes and tight braids courtesy of her Grandmother. The lack of 'style' kept her circle of friends quite small and she spent more time with her nose in a book or re-watching classic movies than out at the club causing trouble. Grandma Ruby Lee wouldn't have allowed anything less, of course. Kat was kept on a tight leash that involved strict curfews and church every Sunday.

Despite the strictness, Kat loved and idolized her Grandparents. Grandpa Harry had a loud gruff laugh only earned by years of chain smoking while watching Sanford & Son reruns, and worked on a factory line six days a week until his fatal heart attack in 1994. Ruby Lee was the self-proclaimed greatest-cook-of-all-time as well as a Beautician, and when Katherine wasn't doing her homework or reading she was in the kitchen learning Ruby's trade secrets, or at the salon watching her work. It wasn't until Harry's sudden death and Katherine's late coming puberty that she began to rebel somewhat. She started working a part time job to help pay bills but also buy herself new clothes... and a new reputation. Suddenly enormous hoop earrings and tight jeans and crop tops were all the rage, and boys were starting to notice Katherine in a new way. Other girls at school didn’t appreciate the attention, and after a few scuffles in and after school, she earned the nickname Kat-Fight. Thankfully, Ruby Lee was able to put a stop to it before Katherine's chances of getting into college were severely affected.

Katherine was accepted to Spelman College in Atlanta. An education and a career were still a priority, but so was finding her Prince Charming (a difficult feat at an all women's college). To say she 'got around' during her four years of undergrad would be true, but misleading. Unlike many of the girls that partied at frat houses and Morehouse events Kat was always looking for a long-term connection. Unfortunately her experience prior to hookups in dorm rooms and on murphy-beds was non existent... she didn't know how to sort out the pick-up lines from the truth. What was the saying? 'You have to kiss a few toads'? Kat kissed many before finding the one. They dated for a year and a half before he came out of the closet.

She met John while doing her student teaching. By this time, she'd kissed so many toads it was a wonder her lips didn't fall off, and she'd more or less accepted her future as a workaholic spinster. He was an enormous brute with messy hair and tattoos that just screamed ex-con and she'd written him off as such. It was strange, however, that an ex convict would have the means to drive such a nice car and frequent the same coffee shop nearly every day... strange that his brutish nature became more masculine and exciting with each passing moment. He was everything her toads hadn't been- no suits, no ego- and before she knew it she was in a roller coaster of a relationship with John Weston the cop. They spent just as much time fighting and picking at each other as they did sleeping together (which was quite a lot) and eventually led to Katherine moving to Seattle, Washington where he was transferred. They got engaged. Then she got pregnant. Sure, the timing was a bit off, but Kat was actually elated by the news. John's guilty conscience got the best of him, and the same day she planned to tell him about the pregnancy was the day he told her about the other woman. Every unnecessary detail he shared was burned into the back of her mind and she could not shake the betrayal. There was no going back. Despite her tendency to run her mouth during more minor arguments, she could not and still hasn't managed to tell him exactly how hurt she was. Two months later, she miscarried. With John, the relationship was over. With Seattle, it had just begun.