A Mother's Meddling Instagram Account Goes Viral, Becomes Meme (PHOTOS)
The Huffington by Amy Bradley
Posted: 06/28/2015 10:41 am EDT Updated: 06/28/2015 1:27 pm EDT
And you thought your Mom was bad! A Brooklyn widow has taken it upon herself to find a mate for her 37 year old son on Instagram, and the internet is going nuts about it. The account @mysonsingle has over one hundred thousand followers (and counting), and is comprised entirely of photos taken by Hyun-Soon Bhong of her son Peter. Pictures of him sleeping, startled in the bathroom, and riding a horse are some of the most popular, so much so that the online community has turned them into memes. The goal? Help Mama Bhong make her son even more appealing to the masses.

One twitter user photoshopped Peter leading the Battle of Stirling Bridge (a la William Wallace).

Another placed him in popular Disney movies:

It wouldn't be the internet without some less kind uses of the now popular hashtag:

As well as popular meme hybrids:

Huffington Post recently got in touch with the subject of all this scrutiny, who it turns out, is a High School history teacher and no stranger to internet pranks. "My last name is Bhong, so I'm pretty used to all the jokes and pranks you can imagine. So when I started getting these crazy emails, I just assumed they were from my students. Most of them went straight into my spam folder anyway so I didn't think much of it. But then I started getting more and more every day, and some of them were more graphic than others, so it became clear that something was up. I realized way too late that my Mother had figured out how to make her instagram account public. It's pretty crazy." The New York based teacher had a good attitude about it though, adding: "But it's alright, my fifteen minutes will be over soon, and she seems to be enjoying herself. Plus, the school has given me a new email address."

A teacher who loves his mother and has a sense of humor? We're starting to wonder why he's single, too!

"My husband is dead and eventually I will die. I would like to see Grandchildren before I do that," Hyun-Soon told Huffington Post in her own blunt interview last week, " I see terrible people finding love all the time, and I think my son is not terrible. So I decided to show everyone how not terrible he is."

Do you agree with Mrs. Bhong? We do! See for yourself HERE where @mysonsingle is still up and running!

ooc: @mysonsingle is a working link... article loosely inspired by this