dani frain

Danielle Frain grew up in Boston, raised by single mom Agnes with her younger brother John. A quintessential tomboy from an early age, Dani spent most of her childhood playing street hockey after school. Catholic school, of course. Bigger than the boys, she was constantly picking fights and getting into trouble until puberty kicked in. Suddenly, Dani stopped growing-- everywhere except her chest-- and the boys shot up like weeds. Everything she knew got turned on its head. Going from an intimidating, athletic girl, to a petite and well endowed loner was a rude awakening just in time for Junior High. That's when things got weird.

Dani found refuge in drama club. Even though she felt limited by her petite, curvy body in the real world, acting and improv gave her permission to create her own. She took great pleasure in playing larger than life characters and testing boundaries in new (school approved) ways. Mediocre test scores led to undergrad at Boston University, where she studied for two and a half years before dropping out in favor of classes at UCB in New York. She thrived, earning a reputation as a tiny weirdo who did great impressions and didn't respect your personal space.

After five years of late nights doing stand-up and improv and long days temping at various offices, Dani finally got her big break. Her comedy short known as "Blowjob Girl" went viral, and garnered the attention of the people at Saturday Night Live. A series of tapes and auditions later, and she became a castmember.

There was a lot of speculation after her four year stint on the show about why exactly she left. Some said she'd been fired, others (like her publicist) played up the 'time to move on' angle, which was easy since co-stars Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg were also leaving that year. The difference between Dani and them, of course, was the number of job offers waiting for her on the other side. She later credited Wiig for saving her career- claiming the role in Bridesmaids was the only reason she was still working today.

As they say, "everything happens for a reason". Dani doesn't really subscribe to that line of thinking because her Catholic guilt forbids her, but if she hadn't gotten fired from SNL, she probably wouldn't have worked her way up the ladder to starring alongside her comedy icons in Schitt's Creek.

full name
danielle pearl frain
stage name
dani frain
birth date & age
november 21, 1982 & 32
boston, ma
agnes (58), john (29)
schitt's creek (2015-present) ... alexis rose

bob's burgers (2012-2016) ... tammy

lady dynamite (2016) ... karen grisham

saturday night live (2008-2012) ... abby elliot's characters

rock that body (pre-production) ... ilana glazer's role

sleeping with other people (2015) ... lainey

gone girl (2014) ... noelle

bachelorette (2012) ... katie

bridesmaids (2011) ... becca

blow job girl (2008) ... funny or die

1. Is only 5'2" and overcompensates by partying too hard and being awesome at beer pong.

2. Loves astrology but doesn't actually understand any of it.

3. Total extrovert.

4. Has a co-dependent relationship with her mother, Agnes. They speak on the phone at the same time, every day, no matter what she's doing. Yeah. Even that.

5. Can't cook for shit.

6. Doesn't understand the concept of personal space.

7. Every year since they met, Gen has been her New Year's Eve kiss. Dani has gotten on planes and pushed boyfriends out of the way for this tradition.
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