love conquers ALL
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bussycat9 DID YOU GET MARRIED RU?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?
suprashade @bussycat9 she aint got married idiot
izzydallas08 @rutinataj OMG OMG OMG
mynewdancemoove dat rock tho
triphandle if you really gettin married u shud invite ur fans DM my invite plz
mrtaj69 congrats @rutinataj who tha lucky nigga
mokalynnne do u think @iamashton bought it for her @katiepiiie ???
red_2_3_4 who is she even dating though?
ifurreadingth1s ARE YOU AND CAPONE ENGAGED?!?!?
elephant_dick !!!!! my head is exploding @rutinataj congrats? WHO THO
kanga_ru omg can you pawn that ugly ring and pay my student loans
ru_dee @lovelace2 @afrikkanqueeen @capone43ver @BBWsuckdry
trophywyfe o so some naked pics come out or whatever & u trying damage control by marryin ur gay bf? EVERYBODY SEE THU THIS STUNT ASHTON IS HOMO
mememealways dont jump in2 a relationship 2 fast @rutinataj u need time to grief and be by urself
monsterstar you are a bitter cunt let her be happy @trophywyfe
strawburry19 i hope itsa menage wedding wit moni n dontaye
fickleqwik LEARN TOO SPELL